Sam Vincent Foundation

Founded in 2012, the Sam Vincent Foundation (501c3, non-profit organization) was created to support culinary training programs designed to offer unique learning opportunities to youth seeking a chance to discover and explore their inherent brilliance and passion in a safe and nurturing environment.  Based in the Bay area, we seek to inspire at-risk youth  by providing them  with an environment that  recognizes and celebrates their individuality while building a positive self image.  These programs will be led by experts in the culinary arts dedicated to providing the necessary skills and confidence that will prepare students to succeed in the culinary world and beyond.

The vision of the Sam Vincent Foundation was inspired by our namesake, Sam Vincent.  Sam found purpose in cooking, a skill for which he had a natural talent. Recognizing his passion for food and cooking, since age five, he was encouraged and supported by family and friends. Sam began apprenticing in various restaurants throughout the Bay area. He soon excelled with the guidance of amazing mentors and achieved success and accolades that had eluded him at school.  Sam was an inspirational chef whose tragic death at the age of 21 brought together a diverse, cross-generational community to continue to honor his achievements, and inspire other youths to follow his example and find their passion.

The Sam Vincent Foundation was created to achieve these goals by giving grants to established youth culinary arts non-profits and establishing its own training program to be taught by some of the best culinary instructors in the Bay area. The programs which our Foundation gives grants, as well as our own future program  will seek not only to teach professional level skills in the preparation of fresh, healthy food but also to prepare its students to successfully enter the culinary workplace with a strong sense of purpose and confidence.


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